Don't Leave Home Without

Making a copy of your credit cards, passport, travel tickets, insurance documentation and driver’s license. Leave it with a family member or trustworthy friend. Leave a copy of the itinerary and hotel contacts with the same person.

Making a copy of your eyeglass prescription to carry in your wallet.

Making sure your credit card of choice has is a chip card with a pin code. Europe is ahead of North America with this type of credit card security and in many places you can no longer use a card without a chip. 

Making sure your credit cards  have 4-digit pin codes for ATMs.

Calling your credit card companies to advise them where and when you are going and when you will be home.

Having prescriptions filled and carrying them in the original labeled containers.

Exchanging a moderate amount of currency into Euros, so you have taxi fare from the airport and a little money to start your trip.

Contacting your cell phone provider to arrange for a European travel package. Without this package, roaming charges can soon add up to monumental sums!

Purchasing one extra battery for your camera, so you can be charging one battery while you are using the other. © Lynn Murray 2013