Packing For Spring & Summer Travel in Europe

TLC Tours Lessons in Packing Lightly For Spring & Summer Travel


How to Live Out of One Suitcase for Three Weeks 

(my apologies to the gentlemen -knowing how adaptable you are, I made this list geared toward women's clothing needs)



Rule #1… Luggage

On TLC tours when we travel by coach or train: You are limited to one suitcase, 24 or 26” in height, and weighing not more that 50 lbs. Suitcases larger than 26” or  weighing more than 50 lbs will not be accepted on the coach. Additionally, you may bring one  carry-on to put in the luggage compartment of the coach, not to exceed 22 lbs… perhaps a folding tote bag or a small backpack, as above. You may also have one personal item, such as a handbag, computer or camera bag to carry onboard the coach. This item may not exceed 22 lbs and may not be larger than 6” x 13” x 17”. All bags carried onto the coach will be stowed under your seat.
You will be given a TLC zippered tote bag, handy for carrying to the coach  for daily excursions or for shopping/flea markets. These bags will fit in the overhead coach rack.

Rule #2

If you won’t wear it more than three times, darling, don’t bring it!

Rule #3

Think FEET FIRST. Your feet are either your best friends or your worst enemies, so keep them feeling good. If your feet hurt, your day is spoiled. Choose good quality walking shoes with a thick sole to protect your feet from ancient cobblestones. Walking shoes or sandals as opposed to tennis shoes or running shoes, are adaptable and can be worn in the evening as well as all day long. Great brands to consider: Reikers, Mephisto, Think!, Arche. 

Rule #4

Dress in layers. Early morning and evenings can be chilly, so you will want a jacket or a pashmina that you can put on or take off easily.  Choose a color pallet that allows you to mix and match and layer your clothes.

Rule #5

Pack prescriptions, cameras, electronics and valuables in your carry-on, along with a change of underwear and nightwear.

Rule #6

If you forget something crucial, think of it as a shopping opportunity.


✔ 2 pairs of comfortable shoes

✔ 1 purse or handbag, preferably with a shoulder or cross-body strap

 ✔ socks or stockings 


✔ 2 lightweight nightgowns or pyjamas - sleeping with a duvet can be very warm

✔ 2 cotton camisoles or chemises to layer under blouses

✔ 6 blouses or tunics

✔ 2 pairs of yoga pants or other slacks with elastic waist – they are comfy for the airplane,      washable and can be dressed up with the addition of a tunic top or blouse

  1 pair blue jeans, if you wear them

✔ 2 skirts, if you wear them

✔ 1 lightweight rain coat with hat or hood

✔ 2 pashminas or other scarves to layer or change-up your wardrobe

✔ convertor/adapter/charger for cameras, phones or tablets

✔ folding umbrella (if you don’t have a light rain coat)

digital camera with extra battery and charger

European power convertor/adaptor 


All our hotels have hair dryers in the bathroom. Usually, they do not have irons or face-clothes.

In most cities there is an apothecary on almost every corner, so if you need bandages or blister pads, cough lozenges or simple over-the-counter remedies, they are easily found.

If you are at all prone to motion sickness, I recommend that you purchase Sea-Band or Travel-Eze bracelets. They seem to work for 99% of people and they help you avoid having to take a sleep inducing medication.

All common toiletries such as shampoo and deodorants can be purchased at grocery stores, should they be forgotten at home. © Lynn Murray 2013